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Board not showing under category after movement

Hi Team,

i have moved a forum board from one category to another new category from community admin by going into the Community structure


when we go to the new category page we are not able to see the board, it's still reflecting on the old category.

when we check in the community admin  --- >  Community structure its shows under the new category;

even when we go to board admin it shows that it's under the new category

What could be the issue?

when we go natively on the community page into the new category it's not showing, it still shows under the old one



Naveen S


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Hi This recently happened to us in our community. A weird glitch but work around that resolved it for us was within community admin>Community structure within the new board area select on "edit properties" and check "hide from lists and menus" and hit save. After saving within a few moments we went back into the properties and unchecked "hide from lists and menus" and hit save. That then allowed the board we moved to correctly appear. Hope this helps!

Khoros Expert

Adding two more possibilities.

1. There are some cases where the navigation component is cached for performance improvements and takes some time to show up.  That could be validated on an incognito browser (or would be resolved on its own by now). 

2. Another unlikely, but possible, situation is that nav is hard coded vs. dynamically updated based on Admin.

Ideally it's the first one and is resolved?

+1 to @brittanycarmona - This is probably a known bug that nobody reports to Khoros because you'll go in circles with the support team, but the reality is simply editing a board setting and/or moving the board again (to the same location) will resolve it almost every single time.


the option of checking and unchecking the option "hide from lists and menus" worked

Thank you 

Naveen S


We have this issue with structural changes such as moving and recording.  Sometimes, editing it in structure only fixes it for my view but not others.  90% of the time, I have to ask Support to fix it.  

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