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Bug? Group Owner w/ "Community Admin access for group hub" can't actually access admin


We have some odd behavior on our site and I'd like to check if others are seeing it.

For a group hub WITH A BLOG, if the group owner role is granted "Community Admin access for group hub" permission, group owners can't actually access the admin console. 😞

Group hubs that don't have blogs don't have this problem.


Anyone else seeing this?


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I’m following along for the ride 😅

Future idea for Khoros: Do a deep dive into how roles and permissions work, and what all we on this side of the world don’t truly know about it. (Not the stuff here in Atlas, but like a 301 course because for us advanced folks, there is still no way to make sense of these oddities). 

I was just demoing to our Marketing team how awesome Group Hubs is and I had this experience.  I am interested to learn what Support says.  Thank You!

Not sure ANYONE fully understands it. 😛

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