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Bug Identified: Spacing Not Applying in Posts

The other day it was seemingly adding extra carriage returns in all post types and today everything is jammed together with no spacing. It doesn't even read my line breaks in html.

I created a ticket with Khoros who identified it as a bug. It makes it impossible to post tkbs and announcements (blogs). Our customers are complaining about the forum post replies. And our CSM with Khoros is out of the office.

Is anyone else experiencing this and have they found a workaround?

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Our community is also having this issue. We put in a ticket that was responded to earlier this week with "Our team has identified a bug that is causing this issue. The engineering team is currently working on a fix and we'll provide an update once we have more information on the deployment of that fix."

It appears this won't be a quick resolution based on the response, which is unfortunate as we are having to delay posts on our end.

They delayed the latest release yesterday on us, so I am guessing this is one of the bugs that caused it (so I am guessing it'll be fixed fairly quickly)


Hi @jamiemccardle @brittanycarmona @StanGromer

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused due to this bug. A potential fix is currently being tested, when released, will be applied to 22.10.

I am afraid there are no workarounds identified for this issue. However, since you have support cases open for this issue, rest assured you will receive the fix as soon as it is released.


I just received communication that this was resolved. I tested it and it is working in Production for us.


@jamiemccardle, that's great! Thank you for confirming!

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