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Bug? Notification feed alerts - not clearing

Wondering if this is a wider issue or unique to us. We have noticed that since receiving 22.8 in our Prod and Stage environments that our Alert bell for Notifications is displaying 25 alerts continuously. It does not clear even if you visit the page and look at the feed. 

We raised a support ticket last week but wondering if this is just us or other's are seeing the same and have raised a ticket too. 


Senior Community Manager | Strava
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I just opened a ticket this morning for the same thing in our staging environment after noticing this behavior in 22.8. Our production upgrade is tonight, so I've asked that they put it on hold for now.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

Thanks @Drew_C ok so this is useful to hear as we wondered if it was just us or directly related to 22.8. Glad you are able to pause 22.8 in Prod while this is investigated. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

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