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Bulk API data availability (it is not realtime?)

Hi Team ,

How can we get near realtime data ? using this we can fix customer issues in upfront .

Example : Current UTC time June 17th 3:59 am but when i try to get June 16th data i am not receiving its return empty records 

"records": []



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No, it’s available by 10am UTC daily for the previous day - See the FAQ >

Thanks you for quick replay @StanGromer ,

is there any way we can get near real time data ?  Mainly we are looking Page View, Post, or Kudos counts per messages 

Currently  we are not getting the count form APIs


@vagoud You can use V1 or V2 API to get all that instead of using the bulk data API. 


Using API how we can see the current day page view count? instead of overall count .

@vagoud You can’t get it per day, just total when using the V1/V2 API, and even with bulk data API you only can get the past few months I believe per day. 

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