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Bulk API filter by action.key

I am only interested in records with "solution.accpet" value for the action.key. Is there any way I can apply a filter? Or is there a v2 call that will give me the same?


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I will be using a liql call instead with query of 

SELECT id,conversation, solution_data FROM messages where is_solution = true 

Is there a filter available for the time of the solution? solution_data.time is not valid when i include in my query


snippit of solution data returned from message query:

 "solution_data": {
                    "type": "solution_data",
                    "message_id": "1234567",
                    "accepter": {
                        "type": "user",
                        "id": "12345",
                        "href": "/users/12345",
                        "view_href": "",
                        "login": "jsmith"
                    "time": "2021-05-28T08:14:17.000-07:00"


Khoros Staff

After exporting from Bulk Data API, a filter can be applied to view those records with value for 'action.key' as 'solutions.accept'.
In the v2 API, the timestamp of solution being marked cannot be used as a filter in the query.

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