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Bulk Idea Update

Does anyone have a good way to bulk update ideas? For example, we migrated to Khoros from another platform and our product team would like to change the status of all ideas submitted more than 5 years ago to "Declined" or another status. Is there a way to do this without going into each idea individually?

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@Jantzen_B - How many ideas are there? We do have a solution that performs bulk action on ideas and threads. Let me know if you need more details about that.

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It's a few hundred ideas. If there isn't something build into Khoros I was going to script something with imacros.

Yeah, nothing is built in to handle this in bulk. We've had to use the API to do various updates for things like this unfortunately when it's in the 100's of articles/topics/ideas.

We had Khoros build us a custom component to bulk change idea statuses.   Here's how it looks in the options menu:   



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I love that component in the options menu @kgroneman, how long did it take for them to add it for you? 

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Hi @VarunGrazitti 

We have the same issue - we need to update several hundred idea statuses and would love to be able to do it in bulk. Would you be willing to share your solution? If it's a script, I know one of our developers here can probably adapt it to work for our account. Or, if you can point me to the right content, I might be able to bribe them into writing one from scratch for me 😊

Thanks in advance!

@StanGromer can you tell me how you've done something like this with APIs more specifically? I could ask my developer to look into something like this but may need a bit more direction. 

I'm looking to bulk update my Idea Statuses- i have almost 1000- yikes! 

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