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Bulk edit URL in Forums/Knowledge Base

Is there a way to look up, find and replace a url across forum boards and our knowledge base? 

I have identified 600+ articles where we need to update a link we provide to our chat team to a new URL. I've previously managed this manually and wondering if I have to do it again? 


Batch processing doesn't work for this task. I have basically downloaded all community content, looked up the URL in the message. I've prioritised the order to update, based on solved/ views/date so can work my way through. I'm also archiving old posts as I go to solve two birds at once for old posts that dont get alot of views and arent that helpful.

If there was some magical button to press i would be grateful for it! 


Use batch processing to act on multiple threads or posts at once 

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@syork - The short answer is - No. The batch processing just gives an option to delete/ move articles in bulk, not an edit option. The only way it could be possible is that if you create customization and use the edit message API and upload the updated content from a file. Make sure all the ID's are in place so the correct content gets synced to the existing articles. This is one of the possible workarounds I could think of apart from getting the Lithium PS to do the job.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks @VarunGrazitti  - sounds like this would still require identifying the 600+message ID's, which sounds pretty manual still? I guess I could do it in priority batches perhaps? 

There is one other solution....

if you’ve got the urls you need to update from the data dump why not list all urls in a spreadsheet and then in the next column note where the url should point to then send it to support to add redirects. 

This saves you from making any changes and from a customer experience POV it’s seemless, they click the old link but are taken to the new url/content. 

Support could turn that around for you in a day, couple of days tops. 



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I don't think that would work for this specific use case though would it? I am assuming that the chat link OP is talking about is on their domain not part of community.

Correct @DanK - it will send users to our corporate site 


If I understand you correct the link is a link to a "chat" which is on your corporate site?

If this link is under your domain you can try to create a redirect within your corporate domain to the new chat. 

Also if you ad the new link now maybe it makes sense to create a shortcut link like "" and have a redirect in place. With this if there ever is a change again you can adapt the redirect and it works everywhere... 





@syork - You can get the IDs from an API call, shouldn’t be mich of a manual work.

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