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Bulk member download - does it work for you?

Hi ya'll!

I usually use the user report from admin when I need a member download, but I thought I'd try the new Bulk Download Member Data from Community Analytics. 


Unfortunately, when I click this, nothing seems to happen. Does it work for you? Maybe I'm just not being patient enough.

I'll report to Khoros support as well, but thought I'd see here if it's working for others. 


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@CarolineS We use this too and depending on how large your member database is it can take some time. You can track progress using this tab in Community Analytics and when it's available it should give you a download option. 


Senior Community Manager | Strava

Ah ha! Thank you! I just checked out that "Bulk Data Export" tab and the most recent one it shows for us was in May (and nothing is showing as pending). So something odd is happening (maybe user error - perhaps I just need to sit on the page with the bulk download link for longer after clicking it. There's no feedback that anything is happening after clicking the link though.)


I've had similar experiences where I click it and nothing appears to happen or the download fails. I just put it down to performance issues with the bulk data export or site capacity - sometimes it works better and faster for me when the site activity is lower for us. Interested to hear any feedback you get from Support on this, good luck!

Senior Community Manager | Strava

CHA was down earlier today, so there might be a lingering effect of the outage? I'm sure support will check on that for you.

I'm getting the same behavior as you with nothing in the reports tab, fwiw.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

Thanks @Drew_C and @elbranscomb! Good to know it's not just me. Will see what support has to say.  

Can I ask why you wouldn't just use a user report? #oldschool



I'm having this problem, as well, and my community is not large, so that shouldn't be the issue.  

@JasonHill I was just curious to see what data was included in the new export. Was hoping to see “total posts” so I didn’t have to add threads + replies + comments like I do with the old export. Now I’ve learned my lesson to just go with the tried & true 🙂

Hmm, you can't get total posts from a user report @CarolineS?

One of my fields is "number of posts" which is total discussion posts (both new threads and replies) but you're right in that it doesn't include blog comments so I have to add "net blog comments". 




Ah, yes, forgot about "number of posts", thanks for that reminder! (been a while since I pulled this data myself, was just doing some ad-hoc analysis...). Still do have to add blog comments though, as you say.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi Everyone, 
We had a few intermittent issues with Bulk Member Download in Community Analytics . Its been set right. Please let us know if anyone experiences more issues with it. 


Wasn't working for me yesterday, but today I was already able to download the csv file 🙂

Thank you!


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