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Bulk moves, is there a quicker way?

Hi everyone, 

I'm currently moving a large volume of topics from one board to another. I've set my page to view the maximum number of topics that it can, so that I can batch process bigger chunks. But even at 200 topics per page, I have nearly 200 pages to move. 

It takes nearly 7 minutes to move each block of 200 topics (not that I've sat staring at it with a timer or anything 🙄)

Am I missing something? Is there a way that I can move things along faster? 




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@Sorcha - The OOTB limit max outs on 200 per move. This is the only way apart from a custom solution that could allow for a faster migration of the threads. We have developed a custom solution for the bulk migration of the threads which performs multiple other actions as well in bulk. Let me know if you need more details.


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@VarunGrazittithanks! I did suspect that might be the case, would be good to know what the custom solution is capable of though 😊


@Sorcha  We have a script created for us by Khoros that will move as many as you want using API call.  Probably very similar to what @VarunGrazitti  has (??)   It uses  Ruby and Curl.   You get a dump of all the message IDs, tell the script the source and the destination, enter in your session ID and run it.  It takes  a couple of seconds per post.  Email me at kim.groneman at if you want more info.  I'm happy to share. 

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Brill, thanks @kgroneman , that sounds like it could be pretty useful to have for instances like this. 

I'll look into it



Hi Sorcha! Just curious, how do you set the page to 200 topics per a page? I'm having the same issue, but I am currently stuck on 10 per page. 


@HSCommunity  You can change it in the admin settings, but in this case it's probably easiest to do it in your individual profile as that will only change it for you.  Khoros example:  

Linear Format: Topics per page

Hi @HSCommunity


The way @StanGromer has shown below is how I set it to 200 🙂 

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