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Business case for community - best figures to demonstrate value?

I am preparing a business case for our community, I want to include some figures that demonstrate the business value, apart from the obvious call deflection what are the other indicators that can support a business case? 

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@Inactive UserThis is a common question but answer is not so simple.

Let's start the disscusion sharing my point of view.

List of potencial benefits below, this is your choice based on business background and your goals, which of them you would like to follow.


Potencial benefits:

-Calls deflection
-Focus groups
-Ideas generation/validation
-Bugs identification
-Improving speed to remove issues/Testing
-Alerts, trending problems

-Web traffic/search engine traffic
-Lead generation
-Ratings and Reviews
-Churn Reduction
-Customer Satisfacion
-Customer Loyality
-Customer Advocacy


Perhaps others will be able to add some more


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@drolcak thanks for your reply. How do you measure the following indicators?

lead generation

churn reduction

customer loyalty

customer advocacy

Do you have an example of a business case that you can share?


I'd recommend taking a look at the Lithy Submissions for Top Line Titan.  There are a number of business cases that indicated revenue generation, call deflection(savings) among other things that are very pertinent to business needs.  Feel free to reach out via PM if you'd like to discuss the GoDaddy business case and Lithy.


Have a great day,



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Hi @estieg thanks for your reply, I read from the page repsenting your BC: that you have been able to measure the business impact of the community content. Do you have any details that you can share on how you achieved this? I find also interesting your objective of organic searches, how did you collerate organic traffic to revenues?

shoot me a PM and we can setup a time to chat 🙂

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