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When I am in a user's profile, I can see their Community Stats, but am confused on how they are being calculated. I have a user who shows 0 under posts, but under "Activity Feed" it says they posted more than 6 messages in one of our boards. Another user shows 6 posts, and they posted messages in the same board.

Does anyone know how the "Posts" are being calculated? 

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Khoros Staff

@ChelcieH Posts should be calculated any time a user posts a topic or a response to a topic.  In their Activity Feed, can you send me a picture of what you see?  It is possible they have interacted with those 6 messages by giving a kudo and they haven't posted.  It's a guess, but I want to be sure. 🙂

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

I can't show the feed due to privacy rules, but there are both kudoes (which make sense), but there are also a lot of posts. Still it looks like below.2019-07-10_14-21-38.png

Answer from Support:


We've investigated and found the root cause of the problem. On every community, there's an option know as "Skip post metrics" that was intended for customer to activate on off-topic section of their community as a means to prevent users from leveraging such sections to inflate their post count....

We've since reverted that change and now user posts will be counted. However, I'm afraid there's no way to retroactively make past posts included in metrics. Only any posts made after we reverted the change will count towards metrics.


NAVIGATION: This can be found under Admin > Discussion Styles > Posts & Topics > Skip post metrics.

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