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CSV List of Group Members

Happy Friyay all! 


We've got a community group with 42k members. What do you think is the best way to get a CSV download of all members of this group? 


Thanks for your help.

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Out of box, there is no option I have found yet - I imagine there is a way to pull it out via one of the APIs, but haven't checked into that yet.

OK thanks, I'll keep looking. 



Why not just use a user report?


Admin / Metrics / User Reports




Hi @JasonHill,

I'm looking there and I don't see where I can source a report containing all members of the group. 

What are the next steps after I navigate to Admin > Metrics > User Reports? 


Sorry, @AlanA I should have read your question more carefully. I missed the word "group". 

User reports might still be able to help, but only if your group members need to have a specific role to join the group. Otherwise, I would reach out to Lithium support to see if they could add a custom column to your table list of group members. The team has added custom fields for me previously, so you might have luck....




Thanks for the tip, I'll ask our CSM. 

An update on this, we contacted Lithium Support and our CSM and they advised that we should pull the group list via an API. 

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