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Calculate newly created questions in a community.


I’m trying to find newly created questions in a community / category from in the last month - Feb 2020. To calculate the same I am doing the following steps - 


1. Go to Lithium Community Analytics dashboard. 

2. From the left hand navigation go to > Content > All Apps > Q & A > observe the questions metric at the top of the page. 

3. IS it the correct place to look at? 


If not how do i know total number of new questions created in my category?



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Hi @gaurang,

I'm assuming what you actual want to know is how many new discussions (topics) were created in the past month. 

For that you click on the > Content > All Aps > Forums and look at the number of topics. 

You can get the same information from Metrics in the Admin and picking Forum Topics after choosing your date range.

Both these obviously only show the number of topics created though, they don't cover how many times a member might ask a new question in an existing thread. 




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