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Can I enable labeling for a role and posts without it showing up in prod community?


We're going to be implementing pre-defined labels on all community posts (and making it a requirement for new posters in a few months) so content is easily indexable.

We're having someone to join our team to prepare for the relaunch and in the meantime, we'd like to have them label content without it showing in our live/production community.

Currently, labels are turned off and not displayed, but am I correct that if I give this person a role that allows them to add labels, this will add labels "behind the scenes" to our posts and not display them in the front-end?

FYI: We currently have tags enabled, and let people tag posts but do not allow the same for labels.


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My suspicion is that you would need some CSS trickery to hide labels from appearing for all users except mods and admins. 


One unfortunate consequence of what you are proposing is that every existing post on the community will have to be edited by your new team member. Some of your community members might not understand this and/or look unfavourably upon it. I would recommend you communicate what you are doing to the community first, especially as the benefits won't be evident for a while.  


On Workshop we have had mandatory labels for all posts since launch. We don't use tags at all. I wanted to use labels as I felt it offered a secondary level of navigation. We knew that it would create a little bit of friction at the create post level, but in user testing and from member feedback it hasn't caused any significant frustration and most members seem to immediately understand the benefits. We're just finishing off a responsive-focused redesign and have improved the flow, help text and label selection process on the create topic page to make things even easier for members. Happy to share what we've done if you would like to see it. 


Good luck,




@JasonHill Thanks so much for responding! What you've done since launch is what we're aiming to do, as labeling offers better labeling and organization than our current efforts.


We're going to label in advance of our redesign (which relies on labels) and communicate this organization upon launch but take user trust and privacy seriously, so this is definitely something we'll take care in doing and communicating. 


If it does require CSS trickery (what a word, haha), I'll check in with Support to see if they can't help and share what I find here, too. 



Lithium support won't be able to assist with your CSS unfortunately - you would need to enlist Professional Services or an external partner if you don't have your own team for the design work. 




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