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Can I find what user searched for a specific term?

In Community Analytics I can see searches terms and quantity.
Is there a way I could find out what users searched for a specific term?


I have 102 searches on "Milk".
Selecting Milk term, I can see that these 102 searches happened in 2 days only.
If I select one of the days I can see what time these searches happened.

My gut tells me that this searches came from the same user/company.
How can I drill down to users? Can I do it?

Thank you in advance.

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Khoros Expert

Hi @Wlad_Masi 


You can add a filter on the Search tab in community analytics. You can read more about that here:


Please note that filters are a bit more limited on the search tab compared to other areas in community analytics, but you can specify a userID and see exactly what that one user has searched for. 



Ken Squires-Kavanagh
Services Architect
Portland, Oregon

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