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Can I have multiple tracking scripts in the header?

Good day,

I am interested in adding Marketo and Google Analytics tracking information to my community. I am sure I have the correct scrips and plan to add them in the Page Header of the wrapper in Studio.

  1. May I have two / multiple scripts in one place?
  2. Should they be added somewhere different than the header?

Thank you,


Community Manager - Seismic Software
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Khoros Oracle

I am not too sure about having two scripts in one place, but I have never heard anybody complain about there being a limitation.  No news is good news on that front?  Give it a try and see what happens!   Let us know the results.

In regards to where it goes, there has always been a pretty specific place within the 'wrapper' where we have found that is plays nicely: would add your custom code in the Page Hitbox Content text area in Studio > Community Style > Wrapper. The code in the hitbox area is placed into every page right before the close of the body tag, before all in-line core JavaScript.

The excerpt above is from this TKB article.

We used to feed Google Analytics and Adobe Omniture at the same time, don't see why you can't do the same with Marketo.

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