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Can I lock a post after the best answer has been selected?


Is there a way to lock a post after it has been selected as the best answer? I know there are several ways of locking down an entire thread after reading the forum.

We are wanting to stop a post from being edited after it has been accepted as the solution. 

Does anyone know if this is possible or had similar issues?


I don't like the idea of locking the thread as it can create reverse workflow, provide a poor user experience and deter further discussion on the topic. 

Suggestions thoughts and comments are more than welcome 



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Hi Bree @Bhardcastle_,


What time limit do you have set for users to edit their posts? If you had it set at say 24 hours, then it would be unlikely that posts selected as solutions could get edited. 


If you're not aware, the setting can be found under Admin/Discussion Styles/Posts & Topics





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