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Can I see your Community?

We are working on a UI/UX redesign for our Community.  Would anyone be willing to share the link to thier Community to help us gather ideas of how you utilize some features especially how to flatten clicks when you have a large structure?

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While not sharing a specific site whenever I need to do dig into other communities to see how a feature works, how they've structured things etc I'll do a web search using community /t5/ /ct-p/ 

Change up the search to view Ideas, Blogs, etc using replacing /ct-p/ with the page you want to see examples of as well. A listing of some page types can be found here.

@jamiemccardle - We have worked on several different communities and created custom/ native experiences. Let me know and I can share some details on the PM.

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We are doing a complete redesign so it's nice to see what others have done for ideas, however, I am mainly focused on how others flatten the path with a large structure.  For example, we have this type of structure:

Note: I do not want to flatten our structure in Admin, just in how the customers view it.

  • Category A (main menu)
    • Category AA
      • Forum A
      • Forum B
      • Category AAA
        • Forum AA
        • Forum AB
        • Forum AC
        • Forum AD
        • Forum AE
      • Category AAB
        • KB A
        • KB B
        • KB C
        • KB D
      • Category AAC
        • KB A
        • KB B
        • KB C
    • Category AB
      • The same inside structure as Category AA
    • Category AC
      • The same inside structure as Category AA




Hi @jamiemccardle,

not really sure, where you are heading. For "Telekom hilft Community", there is a similar structure in place. There is a custom navigation bar to directly access any board. E.G. the board "Magenta Gaming" is below categorie "Online Dienste" which is sub-categorie of "Service-Forum". The screenshot shows the unfolded nav bar. Two clicks to get to any board. On mobile, it's more, though.

Screenshot 2021-03-08 170328.png

Most users come from Google and land on a forum thread. Starting from that point, do users have all the options they need? Search, ask a question... We found out, that the community home page, category pages etc. are not as important as guiding a user who landed somewhere to all option she/he needs.

Don't know what the user journey is on your community. But that's, where I would start. Where do most users land? What options do they need? Just my 2ct, not sure, if that is heading the direction, you intended.

Here are images of our structure for one of the categories in the main menu.

This walks through the steps as if I need a knowledge base article for one of our categories, PS SIS.

Step 1: Choose the category, PS SIS, in Product Support (main menu category)

image (361).png

 Step 2: Choose the category in the SIS page.


image (362).png


Step 3: Choose the Knowledge Base section.


image (363).png


We'd like to flatten the number of clicks from a user standpoint, not in Community admin.  Here's what we have so far for the PS SIS category page.  We want to see if we can flatten the options here so they aren't choosing a card then going to the list of KBs.


image (364).png


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HI @jamiemccardle Great question.

So, if I understand you correctly (based on the post and replies), you are looking to improve wayfinding of the content and improve content discovery without having to do a complete restructure of the community.

I believe this can be achieved by the introduction of custom 'wayfinding tiles' on home and category pages (and potentially nodes as well). These tiles by default showcase the community structure but can be changed to show specific pages or nodes as well (such as boards, TKBs, Blogs etc); giving users a direct path of access to these specific areas on your community. Please see below some samples and links below:


These are just some of my preliminary thoughts based on my current understanding of what you might want to achieve. I hope this helps. Thanks.


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Visa Developer:




Happy to share a tip from our recent redesign and hope this helps

I don't think our structure is quite as deep as yours but we did have concerns about the number of clicks a user had to do to get to a board especially if it lived in a sub sub category. We wanted to make it easier for a user to skip a level rather than have to click through every category, sub cat, sub sub cat to get to their board in order to post their topic. 

So if I take your example above and relate it to our community and what users can see at each navigation level:

CategoryExample & URLWhat users can click to navigate to
All CategoriesAll Communities

Category A, B, C etc

Category A (main menu)

On this page we wanted to surface both Category AA and Board A ,B in the same view so users could go directly to the board if they wish. 
We also surface the Sub sub cats e.g. Category AAA, AAB if there is a deeper hierarchy so the user can skip Category AA and jump a level deeper. 

In this view we also utilized some custom tabbing to sort All Products which number 100+ into more manageable sub groups 


Category AA (tile)

Category AB (tile)

Category AC (tile)

Each tile has a hover state which shows either:

Sub categories under AA, AB etc (e.g. Category AAA, AAB...)


Boards (e.g. Forum A, B Ideas A, Blogs A....)

Category AAAIndustries/ Education/ Higher Education

Boards (e.g. Forum AA, AB etc)

In addition at board level we didn't want users to have to go back to the parent category to go to another board so we added in a "Other boards in this place" so they could also navigate sideways rather than always having to go up to the Category and then go back down to a different board. 

We also utilized a megamenu to highlight our key categories (Category A, B etc) and then surfaced the most popular categories in each of those (Category AA, Category AB etc) so that users could just jump into that level quicker and find their board. 

Our key complaint prior to the redesign was that it was difficult to navigate our wide and relatively deep structure and understand the hierarchy. Now after 3 months we've not heard any feedback on this topic so it seems like people are getting to where they want, understand our structure and aren't having to do too many clicks to get there. 

Good luck on your redesign. 

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