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Can Ideas trigger an email to a DL?

We would like to have our various Ideas boards automatically trigger email notifications to an internal email distribution list of employees once an idea hits a certain threshold of kudos. 

Has anybody ever done something like this? If so, any guidance or tips on how to set up would be very appreciated. Thanks!

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@ktayloradbe, sending an email would be some java code, and thus services work. Or maybe use freemarker events and trigger some API calls? Or use webhooks to notify a microservice that then sends emails. Depending on your capabilities our support team could help.


Hi, could Khoros use webhooks that could trigger Zapier Zaps? 

French Autodesk community manager

@PatrickEmin, Yes, we have limited support for a webhooks-like API. You can subscribe to some events that will call out to a supplied URL when the event occurs. 
This is part of REST v1:[…]ionManage...

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