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Can Multiple Badges Be Seen?

Good day everyone,
I would like to make profiles come alive within posts.
Yes, all badges earned can be seen if visiting a member's profile page, but within discussions, it seems only rank or badge is available. For example:

DivyaDar has achieved the rank of supporter
chroe has earned the Seismic Certified badge
tmetcalf (me) has the Seismic Employee badge


  • Is it possible to show multiple badges on a profile within a conversation?
  • Is it possible to show 1 badge and current rank on a profile within a conversation?

Thank you,



Community Manager - Seismic Software
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I don't think there is any method to do that, even with their API. We're in the middle of trying to tackle a lot of badge/gamification updates, and this is unfortunately an area we keep running into walls.  Maybe someone can educate me as well, but right now  badges, as best we can tell, you pretty much get the entire badge page, or nothing at all. There isn't any middle ground and no customization options.


Thanks @StanGromer 
I realize there is only so much real estate in a profile; I would like create a bit more engagement and highlight skills are certifications members have. Have you ever done work with your community member's signatures? That could be real estate to tap into and it information would appear when people engage.


Community Manager - Seismic Software

Good day Team Khoros -
It appears we can only add text to our profiles, is there a way to add badges or graphics?
Thank you,

Community Manager - Seismic Software

We haven't actively used signatures today but some folks in our community do fill them out with additional information about themselves. 

I don't think pictures can be added to signatures either @StanGromer 

Community Manager - Seismic Software


Pictures can certainly be added to signatures, as per mine below. The user needs to have HTML permission for their posts and signatures. 




That's awesome @JasonHill - thankyou!

Community Manager - Seismic Software




<#assign userIDFromParam ="id","") />	
<#assign queryForUserBadges = "SELECT user_badges FROM users WHERE id='" + userIDFromParam + "'" />
<#assign userBadges = rest("2.0","/search?q=" + queryForUserBadges?url).data.items?first.user_badges.items/>		
<ul class="custom-hc-user-badge-list">
<#assign badgeCounter = 0 />
	<#list userBadges?sort_by(['badge', 'awarded']) as badgeObj>
		<#if badgeObj.earned_date?? && badgeCounter < 5 >
			<li><img class="custom-hc-user-badge-image" title="${badgeObj.badge.title}" alt="${badgeObj.badge.title}" src="${badgeObj.badge.icon_url}"></li>
		<#assign badgeCounter++/>



I'm using this in endpoint, and call this markup from custom component which override one of non-contract component of message quilt.

Endpoint returns list of earned bages sorted by rarity and limited to five


Thank you @Proha 

Community Manager - Seismic Software

@Proha Can you share a screen shot or link to view the end result. We had a developer alter the profile hover card but would be interested in seeing your work around. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-02 at 10.55.37 AM.png


@CyJervis , nothing special. I just made a custom component because we don't use(have?) support theme.(


Floating Profil cards look pretty cool @Proha 
Does the Community Manager or Community Member control what goes into the card? Did you need to ask to have it enabled or does Khoros have to do that for you?
Thanks again for sharing this; I'm going to discuss further with my rep.


Community Manager - Seismic Software

@Toby wrote:

Does the Community Manager or Community Member control what goes into the card?

Not at the moment. For control we need custom fields, that require contacting support to create them + some new code to handle them.

.I will think about it later.

@Toby wrote:

 Did you need to ask to have it enabled or does Khoros have to do that for you?

No, this is a completely custom modification:

1) Endpoint for card content

2) A bit of SCSS

3) JS in wrapper with event listener on mouseover + ajax to endpoint with user id

P.S. I have tried reusing bootstrap tooltips and popovers, but without success.


Thank @Proha - I will connect with my rep.
This looks like a neat solution to encourage community interaction. It's hard to know if community members look at each other's profiles; I think enhancing in-discussion profiles would help engagement. Members would have a better idea who they are chatting with: certifications, products used, community status, etc.


Community Manager - Seismic Software

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