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Can Tags be used and invisible to customers?

Good day everyone,

I would like to use tags internally while not having them available to community members. For example, within my idea space, when ideas arrive, we would add tags to ideas after the fact and would like those tags invisible to community members. Is this possible?

Thank you,


Community Manager - Seismic Software
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It would be possible via customisation, by default users can see the tags and the permission grants the ability to add/remove tags.

We have hidden parts of the base design so they are only visible to moderators and admins before.

Thanks @DanK 

Community Manager - Seismic Software

Thanks @StanGromer - however, when I go to my settings, I do not have the option. Is this something you have enabled? How do I do it?


Community Manager - Seismic Software

Ah sorry, meant to add - You'll need to ping support to have them enable it.  We just discovered it ourselves, blew my mind that this is not better known as it can be flexed into multiple use cases!

Thank you and of course, it needs to be enabled.

Why are these things not built-in?!

Like reporting, dashboards, and threaded / indented conversations.

Not your fault @StanGromer - I'm irritated with: with having the "ability" to do something, but need to move heaven and earth to do it.




Community Manager - Seismic Software

On the other hand, every day is like Christmas - Two years after thinking I have learned it all, I still get to be shocked by things I didn't know existed in a random decade old thread I find 🤣

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