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Can anyone get Comment Syndication to work?

Hi ya'll!

I'm trying out comment syndication (the "Syndicate a comment box" type) - and I can't get it to work! The sample page that gets generated just ends up blank, and plopping the JavaScript on an HTML page also yields a blank page.

Has anyone gotten this to work? Any tips for me? I've also filed a case with support, but thought some real-world evidence of it working/not working would be helpful.

(The feature I'm talking about is in Admin > Content > Community Syndication > Comments List)


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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @rareskyfive, please let me know what problems are you facing with comment syndication. Are you trying on your stage environment? Let me know.
Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @CarolineS, there is a config that has to be enabled for comments syndication to work on a stage environment. If you have already filed a support ticket, please let know the ticket no. I will just look into this and get back to you.

Thanks @NoorS - it's case 00356329

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @CarolineS -  Sorry, I misinterpreted your above message. I also checked with support. When you are trying to use a "demo URL" while selecting "Syndicate a comment box",  it will not work.

"Syndicate a comment box" flow is as follows:

When you dont have any topic on your community but you have topic on your dot com site that you want to bring in to your community, you syndicate a. standalone. comment box. This standalone comment box when loaded on a page (of your dot com site), will automatically create a topic on your community. This topic will be same as your dot com site topic. Now, the discussions can get started from either your dot com site or community and these discussions would be mirrored across these two platforms. 

Now when you are using a demo URL for this use case, there is no topic that can be created and hence it will not load. 

We have a customer using comments syndication with this use case. Please check out this page where comments are syndicated from the community to the blog site and vice versa. Here the topic was automatically created. 

Also, there is a blog where I have captured primary use cases for syndication:

Please let me know if you face any issues or have any questions.


Thank you, @NoorS!

I might suggest that the Demo URL shouldn't appear for Comment Syndication if it isn't expected to work. Seems like a bug that it does show up (vs a feature request)

How shall I test this on staging? Do I just create a dummy HTML page and embed the embed code? Are there other steps involved?

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @CarolineS 

There are two parts to Comments syndication.

  1. Creating a widget when topic already exists - In this case topic exists in the community and you syndicate existent comments (if present) on an external page. In order to test this on stage, you can simply use Demo URL or even use the widget on any dot com page. The widget would syndicate comments and discussions would be mirrored to and fro from community and dot com page.
  2. Syndicate a topic - In this case, topic does not exist in the community. In this feature, we have designed a flow where a topic gets automatically created in the community. The  topic that is created corresponds to the dot com page where the widget is syndicated. Please note that here the widget is simply a comment box and this comment box would load on dot com page only when topic gets created in the community, else it will not load. Now the topic would only be created if this widget is put on a page that has a public URL and has a valid topic. The reason we need a valid public URL is because we are using a 3rd party API that fetches title/description information from the page and creates a topic on community with these details.

Now in order to test this flow on stage, Please let us know a page URL of any site (which is public) where you would be syndicating this widget. We will whitelist that domain under a particulate config and update you. We will also whitelist this domain under CSP policy. You should be able to test this then.

We have kept these checks in place because of security reasons. 

Please let me know the URL and any other queries you have.



CC: @AbhinnG , @StevenT 

Great, thank you @NoorS! I am attempting to syndicate a topic (where the topic doesn't already exist). I'll ask support whitelist my test domain (I have a case going with them already)


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