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Can anyone tell me the main difference between SASS and SCSS ?

SASS and SCSS are two ways to programatically write CSS , but I need to know basic difference between the two





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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @keshavkelkar

SASS is an extension to CSS to allow for easier readability and maintenance. It comes with two main syntaxes:

  1. The "old" indented syntax - Sometimes simply referred to as "SASS"
  2. The "new" SCSS syntax which is much closer to classic CSS in the look and does not rely on indentation

You can see a comparison between the two syntaxes in the code samples which have a "Sass" and "SCSS" tab here:


So to answer your question: In the Lithium scenario SCSS and SASS are actually the same 🙂 The former being the syntax to achieve the latter.

Here's some further reading on history giving a good comparison between the two.

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Thanks @ClaudiusH . This is really helpful .

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