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Can part or the whole Lithium portal be seamlessly embedded into an existing webpage?



can we use Lithium (community, FAQ, events, etc. etc.) as part of another, broader, webpage? Including single sign on.



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@Oivindmi-  ActiveCast would be the best option for you. You can include various kind of community widgets into you web pages.

 Here is the documentation for ActiveCast


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While Activecast is probably the fastest way to get Community content on an external website, it is loaded client side and this means Search Engines reading the site won't pick up or index the content ActiveCast renders.


You could create a server-side solution using Endpoints in Lithium and have your CMS publish this content. This means Search Engines can index the content but you may need to be careful about publishing duplicate content.


Founder @hinterlands

thanks for the replies.


Is also the opposite possible?


That is, to integrate pages from a different webpage into Lithium?


Also, can anyone help me with a resource regarding Lithium and Single sign on?



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