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Can't query by conversation.solved without depth=0 being required?

Hi, reading the docs for LiQL, there are examples of filtering on conversation.solved. And indeed, this is referenced by @VikasB in this answer:

What I'm really trying to do is find answers that a user has provided for questions that are still considered unsolved

I can filter by fine, but when I try to combine that with conversation.solved, things break down because apparently conversation.solved will only work with a depth specified, and that depth MUST BE ZERO:

  "message": "The depth parameter, or the value passed in for the depth parameter, is not valid.",
  "data": {
    "type": "error_data",
    "code": 605,
    "developer_message": "only depth of 0 is supported.",


I mean, why shouldn't I be able to filter on conversation.solved independent of depth? Why are the two linked?

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Khoros Staff


The depth = 0 constraint is required for conversation.solved because only topics (messages with depth 0) can be solved. Messages with a higher depth are replies and can be marked as solutions to the original topic.

I'm not sure if there's a way to get this down to one query, but to get the information you're looking for try using the constraint instead:

SELECT id FROM messages WHERE = '{{USER ID}}' AND depth=0 AND conversation.solved = false


If you would also like to filter out topics that were authored by the target user, that constraint can be added as well:

SELECT id FROM messages WHERE = '{{USER_ID}}' AND != '{{USER_ID}}' AND depth=0 AND conversation.solved = false


That will get you the unsolved topics your user has participated in. From there you can use the results to build a list of topic IDs for the following query:

SELECT * FROM messages WHERE = '{{USER_ID}}' AND IN ('{{TOPIC_ID}}','{{TOPIC_ID}}',...)



Sweet! This worked great. In fact, I didn't even need the third query. Just used this:


SELECT view_href 
FROM messages 
WHERE = '554991' 
AND != '554991' 
AND depth=0 AND conversation.solved = false
LIMIT 1000


(The user was really just looking for a list of links to questions they had answered that were still not accepted.)

I guess the only other enhancement might be a way to also filter out messages where the user only commented on another answer (which would be anything where the depth != 1.)

But depth can only be zero. Hrm...

Thank you so much for your response though. This is great!

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