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Can we add the "Switch User" to an existing Role?

Hello Everyone, 

We have a role called "Bloggers" which is assigned to a group of employees, giving them the permission to write blogs. 

Is it possible to add the "switch user" feature to this role. As far as I know the "switch user" feature is only available to Admins. 

In short, I'm trying to give the existing bloggers the ability to switch user to any other existing employee, so that they can post a blog on someone else's behalf.

For example, we have John Doe (an employee with the Blogger Role already assigned to him), who's been given the task to publish a blog on behalf of an executive. So ideally, John Doe could switch to the executive profile, and post the blog on her behalf. 

Thank you in advance!

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Sure can! It's there for all roles at the top level.

However, I created a new role and only added the Switch users permission so I don't have to give it to everyone. Depending on size of the company, it could be a significant risk, imo.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

Thank you Drew! I'll do the same (i.e. create a new role). 


Hello again Drew, 

How did you create the new role? Meaning, did you clone an existing role and set "switch to another user" to "grant" under User Management? Any details you can share are welcomed! 

Nothing fancy. I just created a new role at the top called "CanSwitchUsers" and kept all permissions down the entire line set to default. This way it doesn't interfere with other permissions granted to them by other roles. The only item I changed to Grant is the Switch to another user option.

It worked perfectly for the one non-admin that I've assigned it to, and I imagine it will work for you too 🙂.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

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