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Can we hide the comment indicator on a TKB list if comments are turned off for that board?


My organization is running into a problem where we would like to disable comments on certain TKB boards, but the comment indicator (speech bubble icon and number) on the listing still appears. This gives the impression that you can comment on the articles, but once you click into the article you can't comment.  Please see the attached image to see what I am talking about. 

I have looked into using CSS to hide the comment replies column, but I can't see any difference in the code of the listing page when comments are turned off for the board, so I cannot target only boards where comments are turned off with CSS. I would have to hide that column on all TKB boards in the community.

So, is there a way to hide that comment indicator column on the TKB list page if comments are turned off for that board? Or would that require customizations to the code?

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It will almost definitely involve some kind of customisation, and unfortunately that is not something I have the knowhow to assist with.

Do you have a dev that could take a look or are you a one-man-band type operation?

Thanks for your reply, DanK. We ended up hiding that comment indicator column with CSS on all TKB list pages as a workaround since it wasn't possible to do it on a per board basis if comments were enabled or not.

The issue wasn't important enough for us to devote a the time to making customizations to enable that.

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