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Can we upvote and downvote answers to a question?

This paradigm used on Reddit, Quora, and the StackExchange suite, paired with awarded reputation points, has a desirable effect on community culture. High-performing, helpful pundits gain reputation and their "voices" grow louder in the community.


My company would very much like this to be part of the culture of its community forum.

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This board is for suggestions to improve this Lithium Community.


If you'd like to request improvements to the platform, I suggest you post on the Product Ideas board - 


I can't see that this request has been made before for discussion boards but it has been declined when the request was made for down votes on the idea exchange module -








Oops. My bad.


I'm denied access to both of those links.


But feel free to close this if the idea has been shot down already.  I was just vetting forum platforms, and will pursue ones that support more granular user participation and feedback.



No worries. Lithium restricts access to customers only. I'm sure @JennC would be happy to arrange for one of the Lithium team to get in contact to discuss your needs and options.




Retired Community Manager

@krry I've sent you a message via the community, and look forward to hearing from you.


@JasonHill thanks for your help Smiley Happy

Jenn Chen
Community Manager, Lithium Technologies
(Formerly known as jchen)

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