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Can you disable notifications for a specific category or board temporarily?

Hello all, do you know if you can disable notifications for a specific category or board temporarily? We are wanting to update hundreds of articles in one go via API but it triggers the subscriptions and people get lots of emails, is there an option do you know at all please? Thanks!

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To my knowledge no. The only sure way to do it is to disable mail entirely in community, otherwise things will keep flowing out.

Hi @StanGromer , thanks for this. I'll ask in Support as well to see if they know something we don't. I might have to switch off all notifications for the community then temporarily which isn;t my favourite outcome


Your other options is to turn off All board subscriptions which is a setting under Admin/System/Subscriptions. 

The hover text next to this setting says this:

Disables the option for users to subscribe to boards. Existing subscriptions are also turned off, and email notifications associated with those subscriptions will no longer be sent out.

So you could turn if off while you do the update, let people know subscriptions are down for that period of time and then turn it back on when complete. I am unsure though if any notifications accumulated during that down time will then be sent out once you turn this back on. 

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