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Can you get notifications based on a category Activity Feed?


I'm wondering if there is a way for users to subscribe ONLY to a category and receive notifications from the Activity Feed included on that category. I understand that the Activity Feed displays posts from forums included under that category, but I didn't know if users have to subscribe to each forum board to get notifications of new posts, or if they can subscribe ONLY at the top-level category and get notifications when new posts are included in the Activity Feed. Is this possible? Or, for users to get notifications, will they have to subscribe to each forum board under the top-level category?

We're trying to make it as easy as possible for some of our users to be notified when new items are posted, and would like to tell them they only have to subscribe at the top-level Category to receive notifications (and not have to subscribe to every board underneath the category).

Thanks in advance!


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Each forum is organized a bit differently, but on ours a user can click the Options link on the category and then click Subscribe. 

Do you have the Options links on your Category page? 


Hi @dave-coleman ,

Thanks for the reply! We have a "Subscribe" button (instead of Options), which, when selected, allows users to subscribe to the entire category (and all boards underneath) or do a Partial subscription (to any boards they select).

What I'm trying to figure out is..

If a user selects Subscribe, can they subscribe ONLY to the top category, which has an "Activity Feed" on it, and get notified when new postings are available (i.e., when new postings are created on the boards underneath the category), or do they HAVE to subscribe to the specific board underneath to get a notification?

I really don't know if the "Activity Feed" creates any type of notification, or if users have to be subscribed to the board(s) below to receive those notifications.

Does that make sense?

Thanks again!

I don't think this reply will be helpful to you at all, but when one of our users clicks that Subscribe button at the category level, they're presented with this screen:



Which, yeah, treats it as a subscription to each board underneath. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. 




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