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Cannot edit original idea as admin?

We recently made our community responsive and, perhaps I'm wrong, but as community admin, we should be able to edit the original idea, right?

I noticed that I can only edit the idea replies, but not the original idea post.  Has this always been the case for admins even though all permissions are granted?


download (3).jpeg

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As an Admin, you should have 'god' like control over it -  The screen captures are coming in really small so I can't read the text on them, but you should have the ability to go to Options -> Edit Idea. Are you using the default page quilts or did you customize them?

No sweat about the text. Here's a larger version of it below.

The vertical 3-dot menu is missing from the original post, but is visible in the replies so I'm wondering if there was additional customization.  Will ask our team who worked on it. 

Thanks for the verification @StanGromer


download (4).jpeg

No problem - Based on that screenshot, yes, you are definitely missing the kabob menu for the options on the topic itself - We have our Community customized, but I believe if you throw this component back onto the quilt for the page, it would resolve it and add the appropriate options back in:

<component id=""/>



This is just because menu option component is missed or hidden from from Main Idea article.

If its not hidden then use below steps.

1. Go to your Studio > Page.

2. Check for "" component in IdeaPage.quilt.xml.

3. If its not then add below component after "<component id="" wrapper="lia-page-header"/>" to your main Ideas Page Quilt (IdeaPage.quilt.xml)


<component id="" wrapper="lia-page-header"/>

You will see that options for main Idea post as well.


Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.


Awesome...thanks! We'll check it out.

Stay tuned...

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