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Cannot re-set password on Verizon Forum (run by Lithium)

Lithium runs Verizon forums, and I am completely unable to re-set the password for my user name glnz on the Vz Forums.  The Verizon forum web pages for a password re-set do not work - neither in Firefox (with no security) nor in IE.


Lithium - please go to your controls for the Verizon forums and send a password re-set to the email address you have on file for username glnz.  Only you can do this - the Vz help line cannot fix your forum.


I also sent an email to with all my information - please reach me via that email.


IMPORTANT - please do NOT re-set my passwords for my accounts with My Verizon (tel and DSL) or for my email service with  They are working.  This is ONLY about your Forum website for the Verizon Forum - NOT my other services with Verizon.



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Hey glnz


Are you a Verizon customer? if so i am not sure Lithium will be able to do anything for you. Verizon's community may use the lithium platform however it will most likely be managed by Verizon's community team. Have you attempted to contact them? If not you could always create a separate community ID on the Verizon community and use that to contact the verizon support?


If you're a Verizon employee and need help from Lithium i would suggest you raise a support case with lithium support.




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Please refer to the response you got on this issue on the Verizon forums at


Verizon manages their own SSO (registration, sign on and password resets).  Lithium just supplies the community platform and provides moderation for the Verizon community.  The Verizon Community Manager posted an announcement on the Verizon Forums home page about the issues at

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