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Capturing / engaging search traffic?

Hi wise community managers - 

Our community is getting more and more traffic from search - and, of course, the majority of this traffic bounces away quickly. Wondering if any of you have found good ways to capture some of that traffic. Like... a message that says "Not finding the info you need? Ask a new question of our friendly community!" (in a non-annoying way, at just the right time?)? Other ideas?

Secondary question - I don't have value analytics on (we don't love the somewhat-clunky user experience it presents), so I'm not sure what % of people are actually finding their answer before bouncing away. Has anyone found a nice simple UI to find out that answer? One of those "before you go..." modal windows?


- Caroline

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Very tough one @CarolineS.  As you correctly note, a high bounce rate might not necessarily be a bad thing for a support community. Your visitors might be finding exactly what they need and leaving happily to get back to work. 


But to answer your first question, on Workshop we do have a high bounce rate, and are currently trying a couple of components.   


1. At the top of the screen we have a strip that attempts to explain what kind of site they have arrived on and why it might be useful to them, with a soft CTA to join (Get started). This message only appears once and only when arriving on the site from an external source.



2. After the thread, there's a much stronger CTA to join in. Again it can be dismissed, but until the user either dismisses it or joins the community it will appear at the bottom of other discussion threads.



I'm not a big fan of Value Analytics and think that any pop-up is going to have very limited success as most users just instantly dismiss them. You are probably going to have more feedback from a quick question at the bottom of the thread like Did this answer your question Yes/No or 1-5 Star Rating, especially if it doesn't require sign in.




Great answer, @JasonHill, thank you! I like the look of that top-strip and your bottom CTA; if you have any results to share about the effectiveness of either of those I'd love to know!

I have nothing to add on the keeping traffic score, we have quite a high bounce rate too but as an established support community it is kind of expected.

We do use Value Analytics survey BUT we had some dev work done to remove it as a pop-up and instead trigger it from a button at the bottom of each thread. If you click Yes the survey pop-up appears, if you click No the three options shown below are presented (Have Feedback? also pops the survey).

So we get a helpfulness score and provide an opportunity for an survey to be filled out for more detailed feedback that can be acted on.


We didn't A/B test it so stats probably have limited value, but I consider it a big win if anyone joins from clicking on either component. And we've had hundreds registrations from it since March so I consider it successful. In fact the vast majority of our registrations are coming from these components (we also have one on the home page).


Some stats:

- Ratio of clicking dismiss to join is 5/1.

- On the bottom Why Join? component, the Be inspired link is clicked twice as often as the Ask questions or Share projects links. But Join is click 5 x as much as Be inspired. 

- Surprisingly, 3x as many people are clicking on the Get started link at the top of the screen than the Join at the bottom of the screen. Obviously the top component is in a lot more prominent position, but it still surprises me because I thought that people would be keen to get into the content down the page.


Hope that helps a little.




Fantastic, thanks very much @JasonHill! This is great data.

@DanK I love the "Was this helpful" UI as a way to launch value analytics. Thanks so much for the idea! Did you guys do the dev yourselves or via an agency?

The work was done as part of a recent site refresh, we used a company called Hinterlands here in Australia to do the dev work.

CC @cblown

Thanks for the mention @DanK - yes triggering VA once a visitor shows interest or volunteers some feedback seems to be slightly more effective.  Smiley Frustrated

Founder @hinterlands

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