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Categories Not Appearing After Change in Admin

When a new node is added under a category, the category stops appearing, but it’s actually there, just goes white against the white background.

If we edit the category name, the category appears again in the Community.  

Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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@jamiemccardle , we have not experienced such issue in community.

Where are you looking at community after creating new category not displaying?

In community structure or in community Navigation?

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

Thank you for your response! @Parshant 


Our Community has a drop-down titled Product Support.  We provide a list of products within our company.  When we create a new category within the product category, the product is no longer listed in the Product Support drop-down menu.  

Here is an example: 

There is a Product Support at the top of our Community menu.  When I hover over Product Support I should see products A, B, and C in that order.  When I add a category to product B in Community Admin to house multiple sections of knowledgebase articles or a knowledge base article and a forum, the name of product B no longer appears in the Product Support down-down menu for customers.  Customers can select the white space in the Product Support drop-down menu and be directed to the page for Product B, but the title for Product B isn't shown.

If we edit the name for the category, even if it is just retyping the same name, the name of Product B appears in the Product Support drop-down menu again.  

@jamiemccardle , I think issue is with HTML rendering in front-end for community Navigation. If you don't mind can you share the url over here or PM me. So i can help you out more.

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

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