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Category Expert or Admin capabilities in a specific Board

For a bit of context. A product team reached out to me and asked if they could have their own internal board for their team to ask/answer questions about the product (it is a pretty popular product in the tech field)

Of course, I said yes! More engagement in the community, right?

So it's been a process to get this board off the ground. We are almost there (hoping to push this board LIVE in a month or so). The product team has a group of about 10-15 they want to monitor their internal board. I am OK and on board with this but I am not sure if I should give them the Category expert role? or a regular Admin role (Reminder: these roles will strictly be for the specific board not at the top-level of the community)

I worry about giving them Admin access because, by default, I don't want too many members to have that option. However, they are internal employees and they only want this for their internal board, so I guess it's not a big deal.

Would love to hear the Khoros Community feedback and what they think about this situation!

Talk soon!

J-Net Community Manager
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Hi Jeremiah -


What is it that you are attempting to accomplish by granting the role to these employees? Is it for status recognition or do they need certain permissions or both?

If it's just for status, I would recommend CategoryExpert or even a new rank/role combo to highlight these employees (depending on how your community is setup).

If it's for permissions, then creating a moderator role at the board level should suffice.


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
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Hey @lilim !

It is strictly for permission reasons only (for a one internal board)

I think i'll go that route instead: Give them a role as a Moderator of this internal board.

Thanks so much 🙂

J-Net Community Manager
Khoros Alumni (Retired)

For areas owned and moderated by a certain team it might be worth looking at Groups - Groups have already built in group admin roles and they simplify access management. You can also enhance these group admin roles on node level with the necessary moderation permissions.

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