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Change component title - Top Kudoed Authors

Is there a way to change the title for Top Kudoed Authors?  I couldn't find a way to re-name it to something different ie: Top Contributors.



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@yyun : We can handle it by two ways.


1. Using the Text Keys we can change the name of the component. Kindly check this Documents of Text Keys

2. We can handle it by CSS.


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Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Illindra


@yyun - You should just use the text keys to update the name as @AbhishekIlindra mentioned. However, I wouldn't recommend using the CSS to change it. That case will fail completely when there are multiple locales or might look funky for a single locale as well when the page load is slow and the user could actually see the text changing on the page load.


I hope this helps.

Varun : Weaving magic with Khoros!

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@VarunGrazitti  @Tarun is it possible to add title to rank and badges example like this? 



Hi @nad_dyra303 ,

Any text-key that is available can be updated in example like this , to check if the text-keys exit and what is their value, to check and update you can follow the following documents:

To check if the text key exists and can be updated: 

And then you can just update the text keys as given in the properties in the document : 


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Tarun Kumar

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