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Changing Community Sender Email Address


We are considering changing our sending email address from the default I have read this How do I configure the Community sender email addr... - Atlas ( and know we need to coordinate with our IT team to set up this SPF record. I was wondering if anyone else who has made this change has any additional advice or guidance. We want to make sure we don't do anything that will make our notification emails more likely to be considered spam. Is there anything else we need to be aware of before moving ahead with this?


Andrew Kenefick
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I won't pretend to be an expert as every time I think I am, I learn something new. Do keep in mind if using email analytics today, this will likely cease to work entirely when you make this switch. Much like unicorns, there is tales of making this work but I have yet to see it proven.

Spam - You shouldn't have much concern here to my knowledge. More so, you should in theory have endless more folks actually reading the email since your users likely have no idea (and assume) Khoros is spam, where as they'll actually recognize your business name.

Otherwise, it's pretty straight forward between your IT team and Khoros support getting it configured, and you'll just act as a middle-man while they get it done.


We've had a couple of instances where users weren't receiving our emails due to tight email security on their side.

I resolved an issue in November where our own emails weren't arriving in MS Teams as expected. The resolution was to add a DMARC entry in DNS. Don't use your main .com domain for this. Instead, consider using one only for community emails. We use

This domain has the proper SPF and DMARC entries and has an A-record with a redirect configured to point back to the community homepage.

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

Thank you both for the advice. 

@StanGromer we aren't currently using email analytics, but that may be something we want to do in the future, so I'll keep that in mind. 

@Drew_C I'll be sure to bring up the DMARC entry with IT if we decide to go ahead with this.

Andrew Kenefick

Stan, you're not going to believe this, but I *think* ours is working so far. I hope I don't doom it by saying that.

Becky Scott

JumpCloud Sr Manager, Technical Community

We ran into a problem with having too many items in our SPF record (I believe the limit is 10) and also had to add a DMARC entry because they were all going to spam. A couple of people have reported minor issues, but it's better than every single notification going to spam, as it was when we first turned it on.

Read the directions carefully. It explicitly says not to use your community domain for the email. We created a special one for notifications & subscriptions.

Becky Scott

JumpCloud Sr Manager, Technical Community

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