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Changing email addresses when employee leaves company - I can't mess this up

🆘I'm in this pickle now and hoping community admins who have done this successfully can confirm or correct my "plan of attack" - I need to change an email asap for an employee leaving my company/community and he has a LOT of reputation! He's been awesome and wants to continue contributing using his personal gmail.

Here's what I'm planning:

  1. The member creates a new "temp" account with his gmail email
    • his new SSO ID will then be available in khoros to me
  2. I’ll find that new account and new SSO ID, copy it AND add “archive” etc. so it’s altered.
  3. I’ll add that new SSO ID to his "original" (company email) community account.
  4. Then he logs in to the community with his "original" account and the new personal SSO ID will be used/applied  —

    ... will the new gmail email be applied automatically??
    I feel like I'm missing something...

Hoping you can help; worried I'll mess this up for him!

Thank you so much

(I followed this thread to get my ideas:

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That sounds exactly right, @lindahav! It always feels scary making this change to SSO IDs; I really hate doing it! But you have the process written down correctly! 

Oh, ha, I just remembered that I made this diagram to help explain this to a team member in the past - maybe useful as a visual!


Thank you for confirming and providing your great visual @CarolineS ! It worked!  🥳 I'm very happy and so appreciative of your fast reply.


100% agree to the scary.  I find myself quadruple checking myself. 

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