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Is it possible - or this feature coming some day - to write a internal memo to certain message?


There is possibility to write a memo to certain user but I´d like to know is it possible to write it to message? With this feature admins knows what cases are escalated and what arent.


I think Lithium doesn´t have clipboard-feature but I just want to make sure. And if it doesn´t have, can you please give me a hint how to get same outcome - how to share info what cases are escalated? I hope there is some easy way, instead of thread what is admin only and admins wrotes there what are escalated.




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Renew the quote feature

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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

@TeroRe as far as I know the feature do not exist. There are ideas raised in our Product Ideas board, I would advise you to vote for them. Here is one.


Alternatively, if using LSW, you could bring community posts within LSW, and use the LSW internal note feature.

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