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Collecting NPS, Customer Feedback, Candid Comments

Hello all,


In addition to managing the community I'm responsible for our company's NPS program. We run it via email with a lot of investment across the company and ownership of the list in the Customer Success organization. I was checking out the Value Analytics new feature and I was interested in a general discussion . of NPS Customer Sat, Customer feedback, tool agnostic. Do you collect customer feedback? Via what mechanisms? Regularly? Do you summarize, report back? Do your executives see it? What tools are the best?


And if anyone is using the Value Analytics, how is it going?


Qualtrics is my survey tool, which I love, I'd be happy to talk to anyone about our NPS Program,  tools, processes, promises. It's going pretty well overall, and I'm interested in other feedback on what people do to gather customer feedback and leverage it?



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Interesting! At the moment many departments / programs at my company measure NPS, but it’s very disjointed. I just heard that there is an effort to unify our measurement, so I’ll be curious to learn more about that.

On our community, I just embed a google form in a blog post once a quarter and email members to ask them to fill it out (with a small swag prize). Very rudimentary, but we always get a ton of useful feedback.

We have opted for the google form because we didn’t like the user experience of Value Analytics - too many questions, not very configurable, kinda ugly.  And making a google form is super easy 🙂



Good day @deirdreyee  regarding the collection of NPS via email, how is the open rate of the emails? If you are getting a fine response, excellent, but I find emails often go unopened.
How is your customer participation within your community? If your customers are used to giving feedback within the community, great - build upon that behavior and trust. Open a new discussion asking for their feedback and report back a summary and your actions before closing the discussion for comments. Maybe use email to drive people to the discussion within the community - not only will you be able to collect answers, but build participation too. In addition, having these open discussions builds trust.



Community Manager - Seismic Software

Hello Toby,


Thanks for the suggestions and the ideas. We don't push too many formal feedback programs to our community. Lots of ad hoc ones though, threads, blog comments, etc.


I know we'll get enthusiastic and detailed feedback form our top community users, but I don't know if they are representative of our top clients. As for the email response rate, for emailed NPS, it's pretty good, but that's because the account owners are pushing them to the survey as a part of their engagement with our customer success team.


We have a 57% response rate with a highly curated list of top contacts. But, that's not very frequent, and I know we can build on it. Value analytics is interesting prospect. I'm always concerned about survey fatigue and I'm always wanting to make it easy and useful for them. The way uber does it at the end of a ride, before you can book another, is a great model. Interested how people get feedback without annoying their customers, any creative ideas.


Thanks for the community idea, maybe we can do more to leverage those users.

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