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Comment entry field in a Forum article page?


is there a way to get a comment entry field (editor field) in the bottom of a forum post?

In blog and TKB articles you get this field under the comments, and I would like this in the forum posts also: 

comment field.png

Is that possible? and if so, how do I do it?


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@JulieU - I dont think so that there is a OOTB way to add the comment editor on Forum topic page. But you can use OOTB (lithium default) Quick reply feature which is appended below the post for each topic.


Payal Uppal

Ok, thanks @Payal !

But how can I test the Quick reply feature? Is there a way I can turn that on in studio to try it out? 

@JulieU - You need to add the component in the XML quilt in studio and then turn on the settings in admin section. For more details, refer to below post:



Payal Uppal


You can turn it on from admin, goto : Community admin > user > profile defaults Tab, and enable quick reply option at the bottom of the page.

see screenshot.quick_reply.PNG


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quick reply.pngI've added it now, but all I get is another reply-button next to the other reply-button... Is that what it does? Where can I find examples of how it should look and work? 

These are two buttons, one will take you to main post post for reply, and other is for display toggle quick reply field.

If you want to hide one of them, you can hide this using CSS in community style.

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Thanks @Parshant !

In my case the two buttons lead me to the exact same place. It feels like it's not doing what it is supposed to do..

Do you know of any article or post or examples that shows how it is supposed to work?

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If you click the working Quick Reply button you should see - on the same page without a new page loading - a new message field opening below. Here's how it can look like:


Members can add a message (without the use of the full blown message editor though) and post straight away with the use of JavaScript functionality. Similar to what you see here on Khoros Community minus the editor.

I recommend you use the Khoros case portal to have support check quick replies are enabled in your community backend configuration as well. Once that has been ruled out it's about ensuring the quickreply component is actually inclduded in your layout. Support can help you with that as well.

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Hey @ClaudiusH ! 

Thanks, that makes more sense!

I'll check with support to see where the issue lies.


You can see real example of quick reply functionality on ebay community.

But, this will only appear after login.


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