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Community API Question: Is there a field or action key to indicate when a topic or reply has been me

Maybe this is better suited for the case portal but I wanted to ask here:

Currently we are using the Community Bulk Data API to record member transactions on our community, but I've come across an odd discrepancy when reviewing the data. We regularly merge topics and replies that are duplicative of existing posts.

This improves the UX so members aren't scrolling through pages of topics with the same tittle. On the backend though there is nothing that signifies when a topic or thread has been merged. The record of the original topic or reply persists and there is no record of the new reply generated on the target topic by the merge.

Does anyone know if there is a field  or action key value that indicates when a topic or reply has been merged? 

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@BrianOblinger  - I've seen you posting about the bulk data API, are you able to provide guidance by chance? Thank you 😁

I'm not the expert on the community APIs. Sorry.

Thank you anyway for the reply @BrianOblinger !

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

There is no metric/record  which tracks topic merges right now in Community Analytics / Bulk Data API. 

Please do let us know if this is a new request for a metric or even a field you'd like to see in Bulk Data API 

CC @SudheeshN 


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