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Community Analytics: Logged out users vs logged in users

Hi All, 

We are looking to differentiate between users that are logged into our community and those who have not logged in/anonymous in Community Analytics. To see what how their behaviour differ.

How ever, there does not appear to be any filter or section that caters for that. Has anyone had any luck differentiating between logged in & anonymous users?

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The only way I can think of to track anonymous user activity is Google Analytics.   I've not done it myself but I've read that it can be done.  Maybe through Audience > User Explorer ??   I can't see how Community Analytics can track anyone individually that hasn't logged in.   I dunno...haven't tried.

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This is something we have been looking to do as well. It can tell a very different story to look at a registered user vs. anonymous.

We do not use Khoros Value Analytics for surveying. However, the only way we've really been able to distinguish just the usage metrics is filtering by role. Anyone that registers is added to a "Registered User" role. 

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