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Community Analytics topic numbers includes spam

I am not sure if others are aware of this issue or if everyone is ok with Community Analytics dashboard topic numbers. We have been reporting the discrepancy in topic numbers in Community Analytics for last 3-4 years now and no action is taken by the product team.

All metrics that CA reports on number of topics includes Spam data. This leads to misinterpretation of all metrics related to topics: eg: replies per topic, kudos per topic, solutions per topic. For us the replies per topic shows around 1.8 which includes spam topics whereas our actual replies per topic is 4.0 without spam topics.

This discrepancy also translates when being showcased benchmarking

We reported this multiple times to Khoros product team but product team is not willing to correct it. Answer we get is "This is the expected behavior. Please submit an idea."  It is really sad to know that the expected behavior captures spam data and showcased in benchmarking also.

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