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Community Badge redesign

As part of a gamification project we have redesigned our badges and ranking structure. We are currently in the process of creating images for the new badges and looking for some inspiration.

Can anyone share some examples of their badges? Or can you let me know if you can view your badges on your community so we can look at them? Quite a few have these hidden when I have done some analysis.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @sarah_m ,

We have a blog article our community team published as part of a community redesign and migration of another community into ours. It not only shows the badge designs but also their meaning. 

Good idea @CyJervis  i did something similar when i launched my new badges and helped to let people know what they are, you can see most of them on my profile here 

We had a little fun with ours, like a yoda one for posting on May 4th 🙂 

may the 4th be with youmay the 4th be with you


in voguein vogue





Checkout some of the stuff i've built using the platform:
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My latest Ideas: Vanity URL Manager l @mention Roles l  LSW Password Policy

@CyJervis- I love how clearly you have everything laid out in those blog posts! I like how you showcase a type of badge and then list off the names of the badges in that pillar.


@sarah_m- I'm still working on getting a full set of badges rolled out for my community. Here are some other community examples I've referred to though:


Lili McDonald
Community Manager @ Amazon
Connect on LinkedIn
Khoros Expert

Credit to @lolagoetz  for the badging and rank structure planning. I was just the publisher of the article in this case.  



You are welcome to take a look here for badge inspiration  -


Good luck with the redesign. 


Thanks, @CyJervis. You can thank @cflanagan for pushing us to publish a detailed accounting of what the badges mean. We had many people give input into that and were fortunate to work with a great design team.

@sarah_m if you want more info offline, please feel free to reach out. I still have a lot of examples that we looked at to settle on what we liked vs. didn't like.

Becky Scott

JumpCloud Sr Manager, Technical Community

Thanks for this blog post. Immediately everything became clear. I liked the badges 👍

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