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Community Newsletter

Hi all!

I am new to Lithium and wondering if there is a way to send a Newsletter with popular content etc from Lithium itself? I can't see one and older posts from 2015 suggest doing this outside of Lithium. Just wondered if you could share what you've done as ideas or guidance or if you know new functionality has been built to do this?


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@Fellsteruk when you filter by role and send a private message to a large cohort of users, how do you enter those usernames into the To: field? I was playing around with this on our stage instance and I copied and pasted usernames from an export in the admin tool, but pasting them into the PM field did not work, even after I added semicolons.



@JasonHill wrote:

We're also working to add content to Lithium's notification emails. This is proving difficult but I will share the results soon.

Hi @JasonHill -

Curious if this project ever came to fruition. Were you able to add content to Lithium/Khoros notification emails?


- Caroline

Yes @CarolineS, we did it. 

I've attached a sample.

@cblown from Hinterlands might be able to assist you in creating something similar for your community. 





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@JasonHill Any chance you'd like to talk about your customization as a guest author on the Developer Blog? @RyanPi and I would be happy to help you craft an article. 

Former Developer Experience Program Manager for Khoros. Please post in the Developer Discussion Forum if you have questions about the Khoros APIs.

Thanks for the offer @SuzieH. It would be better if you ask @cblown as his Hinterlands team would be able to share the how. I'd only be able to share the why. 




Thanks much, @JasonHill! This is really neat!

Have you found that people click on the "recent content" in the notification emails? (or do you know?) 

Numbers aren't huge @CarolineS  but yes, members do click on the content. 


Thanks @JasonHill  

There is two parts to this, the first is adding content to the built in emails. The original trick of storing content in a custom text string as a way to include this content came from within Khoros from a really nice fella called @Tyson  

The second part was using an endpoint to "generate" some nice email ready HTML dynamically from Khoros, we created a little tool that allows you to set some filters, hit go and then copy and paste this into the custom string via Studio. But more on this here...

It would be really nice to "just do it" automatically by having a way to include the Endpoint contents using a velocity template macro, or better yet drop Velocity and setup Freemarker for the email templates. I can dream right? 😉   


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