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Community Restructure

Hey guys- Right now our community site is organized by component. Knowledge Base, Forum, Ideas, Groups Hubs. I'm curious to know how you determined how to organize your communities? 

We are a B2B software community and mainly serve customers and partners- not necessarily with "Support" goals, but more so with self- help and content discovery.  I say this because we don't sit in Support so we try to avoid that word! 

Our Forums and Ideas are organized similarly and we could organized our KB area the same way but internally people like having areas for "accepted code samples" or "office hours". That's not super scalable though as no one knows where to put other forms of technical content. 


looking forward to your input!

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@akloepfer, During our Community launch process, there is a track (along with the 'technical track') called Community Management Planning. Typically during that track, the company's launch team and our Community launch team will discuss structure and best practices. I'd recommend getting into contact with, and have a discussion with one of our Community experts either through a CSM or with your Sales rep.


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