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Community Search Bar Portability


We are planning to incorporate the search bar in Community in various other public websites & tools that we have, so that any search done in any of those website/tools should also produce relevant results from the Community.

Scenario 1: In our main Infineon website, searching for any product should display results from the Community too, and clicking on them will take the customer directly to Community, without needing him/her to search for Community separately.

Scenario 2: In our product tool, selecting a particular product from the tool's drop down menu, could act like a search query with the product name as search keywords. 

Please help us understand the feasibility of this and how to go about it. 



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Most ditch Khoros’s search tool entirely and move to using a unified / one in all search solution such as Coveo. It’s not really feasible to use what Khoros has out of box beyond directly linking to it which isn’t a great user experience. 



We have similar product SearchUnify which is very similar to your use case. This product is capable to show community results from community to your any other website. Even from other products or website results can unified into any place or in community. Let me know if you need any help around this.


Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.


ive done this twice with two different sites. Best to think apis rather than search boxes. 

Used solr, elastic and swift. You could index all your community content in these 3rd party tools for your other sites but doing a lookup on the fly for said search term and displaying results side by side may do the job gets more tricky if you want to filter and sort all the content together. 

guess it depends on the end user experience but pulling community content to 3rd party sites can be done a number of ways. 


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