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Community Syndication and Confluence

Hello ya'll,

I wanted to see if anyone has tried the Community syndication feature with Atlassian Confluence?

Our Docs team uses Confluence to host our products Official Docs pages and they've asked me if its possible to embed specific content on the site, perhaps based on a tags, location or labels.


I did my best reading through most of the syndication content, but it got a little heavy with the tech side of things. So I wanted to see if anyone here has any intel they could share.



Community Manager at AppDynamics
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Hi @i_am_ryanIt’s absolutely possible to set up a snippet of code from Community Syndication based on a given tab, location, or label.  Ideally, it would be set up ahead of time, such as a component based on a tag is generated, and then applied to the page with that tag.  It might be able to be done dynamically if you are using something that generates the HTML, such as PHP.

My recommendation for checking out the features of Community Syndication would be to just go into the section in Admin > Content > Community Syndication and review the options there. As for making the code dynamic, if you choose some options and click generate code it’ll show a snippet of what you will be putting on the page, and from there you could determine how possible it would be to dynamically generate something.  For example, the component code for a snippet based on a tag would be
<li:component id="content.syndication.widget.message-list" tags="test" skin-id="community_syndication" ></li:component>
So you could write it in a pre-HTML language like
<li:component id="content.syndication.widget.message-list" tags="${currentTag}" skin-id="community_syndication" ></li:component>

Hi @SyedSa -- thanks, you were right. All I had to do was go into that part of admin and set it up.

Turns out, there is a known issue where labels and tags aren't working in the setup process. 

I see you gave an example of tags, would the labels work the same way?

Community Manager at AppDynamics

Hiii @i_am_ryan, We will need to investigate a bit further regarding the label issue so I have passed on your query to support.


Hi @SyedSa,

I have already been in touch with Support, they told me this is a known issue that has yet to be triaged. 


I did just adding tags="test" and it worked, I imagine labels will probably work the same.  I have just yet to try it. 

Community Manager at AppDynamics

@i_am_ryan, glad that it worked. Let me know if you have follow-up questions.

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